Real Woman Real Journey (RWRJ) Therapy for Women 


 Canadian Women's Wellness Network              Réseau Canadien du Bien-Etre des Femmes

About Our Network of Professionals

RWRJ aims to connect women with high quality support services that will make a lasting impact. 

Members of our Counsellor Listing are independent mental health practitioners with experience supporting women and families.  You will find Therapists from a range of professional fields of practice including: Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Registered Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Life Coaches, and Program Facilitators. Browse our listing to learn more about each Counsellor's unique approach and areas of specialty. 

Counsellors for women are available in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and many other cities Canada-wide.

Canadian Counsellors for Women and Families

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