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Artistic Healing Workshop Photo Gallery

Real Woman Real Journey (RWRJ) seeks to support women of all learning styles by incorporating creative and unique approaches to programming. We offer art based support groups for women to provide the opportunity for self - expression, personal exploration, and non-traditional forms of story telling. For information about participating in an upcoming art-based group session, visit the Artistic Healing Group Homepage.


Special Guest Speaker - FRESH PAINT STUDIO (Toronto)

The Photos below are derived from our June 2017 Artistic Healing Workshop: The Power of Story Telling Through Art. At this workshop, we were joined by Canadian Author Alexis Marie Chute who was our guest speaker. Alexis shared her story of grief , loss of a child, and healing through the use of art. This workshop was held at Fresh Paint Studio (Toronto, ON.).

Fresh Paint Studio - Toronto (Ontario)

The collection of art work below is derived from participant creations produced at the January 2017 Artistic Healing Workshop: Wellness Goals and the Inner Critic, held at Fresh paint Studio in Toronto. This workshop was focused on offering a safe space for women survivors of trauma to practice healthy forms of self-expression through art  and group support.

Together we paint...

Together we grow...

Montreal Art Centre - Centre d'Art Montreal (Quebec)

The collection of art work below is derived from participant creations produced at the Artistic Healing Workshop held at Montreal Art Centre (April 2014). This workshop was focused on exploring healthy coping strategies for women experiencing chronic stress or post traumatic stress.

Together we self-explore...

Together we share our stories...

Together we heal...

Participant Testimonies

" I appreciate the space and time to express myself and walk away with something tangible to help me in my journey"

- Ellen, a professional educator, mother, and wife

"A safe space to share and release unspoken words, thank you Shatyra!"

-Janet, a business woman, wife, and mother of two