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RWRJ professionals are therapists and counsellors who offer support to women and families Canada-wide.

Self Help Tools for Women

Tools & Questionnaires
The following tools are designed to help you self-evaluate. Whether you are setting a personal goal, trying to improve your coping skills, or decide whether a relationship is good for you, these brief tools will help you to think about some critical questions.

Goal Setting Chart

No matter which type of goal you are creating for yourself, there are three important components to consider: your vision, your steps, and how you define success.

Healthy Coping Tool

Sometimes emotional situations can lead us to unhealthy coping strategies. This tool challenges you to honour your priorities and discover appropriate options for coping.

Personal Health Tool

Do you find that you are unable to tend to your personal wellness needs in one or more areas of your life? Take some time to evaluate your life balance using this tool.

Healthy Relationship Questionnaire

Is your relationship healthy? Do the needs of your partner jeopardize your own personal needs? Use this tool to self-evaluate.

Road to Self-Care Tool

When facing times of difficulty, we can easily forget about the great talents and qualities we posses to help us through struggle. Writing down your strengths is an excellent way to remind yourself of the natural gifts that can help to improve your situation.