Real Woman Real Journey (RWRJ) Therapy for Women 


 Canadian Women's Wellness Network              Réseau Canadien du Bien-Etre des Femmes

Mission, Vision, and Values

What We Stand For
The RWRJ mission is to provide women with tools for prosperity in all aspects of womanhood. We are dedicated to offering both informal and professional supports for women of all walks of life. Through a variety of creative educational techniques (workshops, online community, and articles), we seek to reach out to women of all learning styles.  We are a non-judgemental and anti-discriminatory network committed to a strength-based feminist approach to supporting women through the journeys of life.  
The RWRJ Vision is a space where broken women find a smile; where lonely women are reassured, and where every woman gains the courage to live their best life. Our goal is to help women to become inspired to challenge themselves, to embrace their imperfections, and to love their journey.  Every woman deserves good health, peace of mind, a sense of accomplishment, and authentic happiness.

The Real Woman Real Journey Core Values are:

Respect -  for women of all walks of life

Diversity  - honouring the beautiful diversity of women

Connection- joining women in sisterly support

Education- information as a key to improving quality of life

Self-Care- as a top priority for women’s wellness