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Adrienne Durst

Marriage and Family Therapist

Westmount, Quebec

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Valerie Morrison

Registered Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist

Whitby, Ontario

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Katrin Mizrahi

Marriage and Family Therapist

Toronto, Ontario

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Dr. Nicolina Ratto


Montreal, Quebec

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Dr. Wendy Dubois

Family and Marital Therapist

Vancouver, British Columbia

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AnneMarie A. Whitton

Family and Marital Therapist

Edmonton, Alberta

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Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy provides support to individuals, couples, and families to help them to overcome challenges, difficulties, disputes, and dilemmas occurring between couples or family members. A Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) is trained to understand the family system as a unit and specializes in helping families to practice healthy communication, problem solving, and overcome difficulties together. Many problems such as addiction, depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, chronic illness, and abuse can have serious impacts on the entire family unit even if it seems to be the problem of only one member of the family. A Marriage and Family Therapist can help your family to work together and overcome a variety of different family and relationship problems.

If you are experiencing sadness, stress, frustration, and other negative feelings as a result of a difficult situation that exist between yourself and a loved one, then a MFT is an excellent option.

If you have tried working through a major disagreement with your spouse or significant other and have been unable to reach an agreement or find peace, then a MFT can assist you by providing mediation and therapeutic advice.

If your child or adolescent is presenting signs of depression, drug use, or other worrisome behavioral  changes and you would like to learn how you and your entire family can best support your child, then a MFT is a great place to start gaining the support your family needs.

If your marriage or partnership is being tested and you are struggling with issues such as infidelity, abuse, or lack of communication, it is best to seek the support of a Marriage and Family Therapist who can assist you both in rebuilding the loving bond that brought the two of you together in the first place.

A Marriage and Family Therapist can help you to address:


Family Issues

Blended Families

Multi-racial family matters

Chronic Illness

Grieving the loss of a family member

Attachment issues (child-parent / sibling)

Sibling Violence

Child & Adolescent Issues

Children and divorce

Childhood bullying

Children and abuse (physical, emotional, sexual)

Adolescent Behavioral problems

Adolescent Substance Abuse

LGBTTQQ Youth issues 

Issues Between Couples

Domestic Violence

Family Planning / Infertility / Adoption


Same –Sex couples challenges

Financial Problems

Anger management

Preparing for Marriage and Family Therapy

In order to prepare for couples therapy or family therapy, you may want to discuss your goals with your significant other or family members involved. Your goals may include: overcoming a major disagreement, finding forgiveness, supporting a family member in need, getting general advice about a current situation, or even simply to learn a few tips for resolving future family problems. There aren’t any right or wrong goals for meeting with a Counsellor. Discussing your goals as a family will help to ensure that you and your therapist are on the same page.

In addition to the goals of the family unit, each individual may also want to think about personal goals for the counselling session. Perhaps you would like help managing your anger or figuring out why you have been so down lately. A Marriage and Family Therapist is an excellent option for improving your relationship with those who matter most.