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If You Were Born to do it, Don't Die Planning!

4 Steps to Fulfilling Your Goals   

By Shatyra Williams, MSW, RSW

When you see yourself in the future, what is the ideal setting, circumstance, or lifestyle that you envision? Have you always wanted to be a business owner? Can you envision your successful enterprise? Perhaps you have the goal of becoming an artist or fitness instructor, or maybe you already have your dream career and are seeking to become a more involved and loving mother. Each of us have our own dreams and hopes for the future. Our unique interests and talents guide us towards a passion that suits us. This article will encourage you to explore your inner desires and help you to break through the barriers holding you back.  If you feel driven towards a goal or vision in life and are feeling powerless, it is time to identify what is holding you back and attack it!




The title of this article may have sparked some thoughts about a certain plan that you have been postponing. Perhaps there is a general life change that you have been trying to make or feel that you should make. Clarifying your vision means to establish specific details about your ideas. For example, if you have the vision of “becoming more health conscious”, explore what exactly that means to you and what exact changes this will require of your lifestyle. When you see yourself as a “health conscious” woman, does this mean you will prioritize your fitness goals? Or are you more interested in improving your eating habits, or following up with your doctor more regularly? Establishing specific meaning to your vision is the first step to developing an appropriate strategy for change.




If your vision has been sitting in the back seat of your priority list for some time then you likely have a clear understanding of the challenges of reaching your goals. Be realistic with yourself and acknowledge these challenges as part of your journey.  A clear understanding of the barriers you face puts you in an excellent position to work through or around them. Switch from defense to offence! Don't just defend your goal, attack your goal with full force. Your challenges should not put an end to your plan, they are part of the process and overcoming the barriers will make your success even more satisfying.

Take back your power by:


Thinking outside the box and being open minded to alternative routes to success. You may have had an idea of how you were planning to reach your goal, keep in mind this idea is only ONE of the many ways your goal can be met.


Tap into available resources and support systems you have never tried before. This includes people, places, things, material, information, or services that are available within your network to help you. Speak with friends, family, professionals, spiritual leaders or more.


Explore new strategies and research additional solutions for your difficulties. Look inside of yourself and use your skills, talents, and gifts to develop a creative strategy for your vision. Search online, brainstorm alone, ask for new perspectives from others who have faced similar challenges. Discover unique ways to address your barriers.


Get Focused. Avoid distractions such as people, places, or things that will deter you from your goal. Surround yourself with people who have common goals or who are supportive of your vision.


Control your language. Recognize the power of your words and speak positively about your plan, your talents, and your journey. Tell yourself that you will reach success. Remind yourself how important this goal is to you.   


Establish a timeline. Developing a timeline and putting it in writing is an excellent way to help keep yourself on track and accountable.


Create visual reminders. Mark your benchmark goals on a calendar that you will view every day. Draw a symbolic picture to remind yourself of your goal and place it in a commonly viewed space in your home. Purchase a small bracelet, necklace, keychain, or other portable item and wear it as a personal reminder of your vision. These are examples of visual reminders that will keep you exposed to your vision.





Do you feel powerless to start your dream enterprise, for example, because you lack the funds for the lavish equipment, products, or establishment you envision? Attack the financial challenge by: recognizing the requirements of your business start-up that do not require financing or establishing a smaller scale business plan for the start-up phase of your business which requires less funds. You could also begin doing surveys for your prospective clientele to gain information about likes, dislikes, and expectations within the field of business you plan to enter. Regardless of how you decide to take action towards the challenge , the main point is to take back your power and do whatever you can to work towards your vision. Small steps are better than no steps at all.

Do you have the goal of going back to school to study a new field but feel trapped by current responsibilities and a hectic schedule? Attack the challenge by: starting your personal studies at home - buy books on your topic of interest, quiz yourself, write short essays, meet people who are in that field of work to find out more about the business. All of these things can be done on your own time. These are examples of ways that you can take small steps toward a goal by simply keeping your mind focused on the goal and using your current resources and abilities to help you build your foundation.




You were not born to PLAN a successful vision, you were born to LIVE a successful life! Today is the last day of your present and tomorrow is the first day of your future. Take advantage of the opportunities that you have and make something out of your current resources and natural talents. Step up and become present in your life today. It doesn’t take much inner strength to talk about what you would love to accomplish or what you plan to do IF all of the perfect circumstances line up in your life. Take yourself a step further and challenge yourself! Discover what you can accomplish right now, with what you have right now!

You are not a robot, you CAN control your life circumstances. If you feel driven to complete a life goal, push yourself towards success! Define your vision, set a realistic goal, and start taking action towards it with all of your might.

About the Author

Shatyra Williams MSW, RSW is a Toronto-based Social Worker with a passion for women's wellness. As Program Manager of RWRJ's Artistic Healing Group, Shatyra teaches healthy coping strategies for women survivors of trauma. Through a variety of creative educational techniques Shatyra helps women to challenge themselves, to embrace their imperfections, and to love their journey. 

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