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What is the Counsellor’s Hub?

The Counsellor's Hub is a dedicated web page for counsellors to submit any upcoming events, articles, programs or updates you would like to advertise on the site. You may also update your profile information in the counsellor's hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RWRJ Counsellor Listing differ from other online listings?

Our listing is exclusively focused on promoting Canadian female counsellors who specialize in women’s issues and family matters. We not only list our handpicked counsellors, we also promote their services and highly recommend them to our site visitors and anyone seeking a counsellor online. Our site provides information about the benefits of seeking counselling, how to overcome fears of starting counselling, and information about different types of counselling.

Unlike many counselling directories, the RWRJ Counsellor listing is focused on Canadian women’s wellness. Joining our Counsellor Listing is joining the Real Woman Real Journey Network of Professionals. By listing with us you are demonstrating to your clients your passion for inspiring women to prosperity.

What are the benefits of Joining RWRJ Counsellor Listing?

By joining our network of professionals, you will receive the following great advertising services: Full page professional profile to showcase your Bio, professional photo, areas of expertise, and therapeutic philosophies, Link to your website, Link to your professional Social Media Pages, Contact Form for clients to email you directly from the Real Woman Real Journey Website, Google Map including directions to your office address for client convenience, Social Media Exposure, Publication opportunities, Program advertising opportunities, and many more.

Visit the listing benefits page for details.

I have received an offer to join RWRJ Counsellor Listing. How do I complete the registration?

To complete your registration, follow the link provided to you in your invitation email ( ). You will then be prompted to submit your registration details to be used for your personalized web page.

What is meant by "Exclusive Listing"?

Counsellors of our listing are mainly selected based on areas of expertise, professional qualifications, experience supporting women and families, as well as geographical location. Those who are listed with us have been invited to join based on the criteria mentioned above.

Our invitation system allows our listing to remain focused on specific areas of counselling expertise which are highly sought out by Canadian women. 

I am interested in joining the RWRJ Counsellor listing but have not received an invitation to join. May I voluntarily join?

The counsellors of our listing are generally handpicked based on location and areas of expertise. However, we are always interested in welcoming self-referred professionals who feel connected  to the Real Woman Real Journey focus on women's wellness. If you are a counsellor  who specializes in supporting women or families, are interested in joining our listing, yet have not received an invitation, we invite you to visit the counsellor sign up page and submit your registration form for review. Contact us for more information or assistance.

Who are the Real Woman Real Journey site visitors?

Our site visitors include women from all parts of Canada. We have a newly-launched and fast growing online community where our site visitors are able to connect via messaging, videos, discussion forums, blogging, and photo sharing. Real Woman Real Journey is a one-stop resource for women seeking information and support in a variety of areas. We provide informative articles and self-help tools for women experiencing mental health issues, stress, pregnancy, domestic abuse, substance abuse, and much more.

What are the selection criteria for Counsellors?

The aim of our site is to provide resources to women Canada-wide. Our selection of counsellors is based on: professional qualifications, areas of expertise, and geographical location.

We seek to list counsellors with a variety of practice specialties in each Canadian province.

Members of our listing are selected based on the services offered and location. We are especially interested in promoting creative and alternative therapeutic approaches such as narrative therapy, play therapy for children, mindfulness, art therapy, and any other unique therapeutic approach. 

We highly recommend the counsellors of our listing to our site visitors in order to support professionals engaging in women/family-centered work. RWRJ Counsellor listing allows women to easily access a professional in their city who specializes in women and family issues.

Which types of professionals are included in this listing?

This listing includes mental health professionals from various fields of practice. This includes: 

Psychologists, Registered Social Workers, Psychotherapists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Life Coaches, Therapists, Certified Canadian Counsellors, and Program Facilitators who specialize in women’s issues and family matters. Some of the specialities include: Family and Marital Counselling, Couples Counselling, Play therapy for children, birthing support/ pregnancy counselling, Post Partum Depression support, Trauma counselling, Narrative therapy, Spiritual - Focused Counselling, and other great creative counselling approaches that would benefit women seeking support on our website.

I am proud to have been selected a member of RWRJ Counsellor Listing. How can I display my involvement with RWRJ on my own website?

At this time we are no longer offering membership logo's for display on member's websites. Please visit again soon for updates.  

What types of areas of expertise do counsellors of this listing offer?

Our listing is composed of professionals who specialize in supporting women and families in areas such as:

  • Family and Marital counselling
  • Couples counselling
  • Play therapy for children
  • Birthing support
  • Pregnancy counselling
  • Parenting counselling
  • Post Partum Depression support
  • Anxiety/Depression counselling
  • Life Transitions/Career counselling
  • Trauma/Sexual Abuse counselling
  • Domestic Abuse counselling
  • Eating Disorder help
  • Self-Esteem support
  • Narrative therapy
  • Healing from Abuse counselling
  • Spirituality-focused Counselling
  • Sexuality counselling
  • Addiction counselling
  • and more family / women’s issues

What are the listing Fees for RWRJ Counsellor Listing?

To receive a copy of our updated listing fees and registration options, please contact us at

Is Real Woman Real Journey a Non-Profit organization?

No. RWRJ is a privately held professional women's wellness enterprise. RWRJ is not associated with any governmental program or service and does not claim to be a non-profit or charitable organization. RWRJ provides both free and paid services to women and are committed to meeting the wellness needs of women from all walks of life.

Is Real Woman Real Journey affiliated or representative of any other organization?

No. Real Woman Real Journey is independently operated. RWRJ is not affiliated with any other counselling organization or entity. Members of the Counsellor Listing are independent professionals.

If I no longer offer counselling services or want my profile removed from this site for any reason, what are the procedures for removal?

In the event that you would like your profile removed from the site for any reason, you may simply notify us by email and your profile will be removed. For more information regarding editing or removal of your professional listing, visit the Counsellor's Hub.