Real Woman Real Journey (RWRJ) Therapy for Women 


 Canadian Women's Wellness Network              Réseau Canadien du Bien-Etre des Femmes

Real Woman Real Journey (RWRJ) Background

RWRJ was founded in 2014 as an online resource for women and families. We have since expanded to include group programming, network partnerships, and woman-centered events. The  development of Real Woman Real Journey is grounded in: Facts, Experience, and Passion. We utilize creative strategies to raise awareness about the facts surrounding social and emotional issues impacting Canadian women. Our network of professionals is committed to female empowerment and develops women-and-family centered resources, programs, and events in response to the clear social need. We are passionate about helping women take steps towards optimal wellness and dedicated to working towards social justice. 


The need for increased women’s wellness resources in Canada is no secret. For a brief snapshot of where Canadian women stand in terms of mental, emotional, and social wellness click here.


The RWRJ Network consists of contributions from experienced Social Workers, Counsellors, Women’s Advocates, Artists, Writers, Feminist Rights Leaders, and Volunteers who are women, who have worked with women, and who understand women's needs. Partnering with professionals and organizations in support of women’s wellness is a top priority for RWRJ. Real Woman Real Journey was founded on principles of social inclusion and female empowerment. We employ a Social Work Systems Theory to understand and support the modern woman in today’s Canadian society. We ultimately promote feminist practice models of care for addressing the wellness needs of women. Not only are we experienced professionals working around the clock to address women’s issues, we are also proud mothers, wives, workers, students, and caregivers who are overjoyed to have the opportunity to support and encourage other Canadian women through the journeys of life.


We are professionals who not only know about women’s wellness needs, but are passionate about helping women to meet these needs. Through women-centered programs, our team seeks to inspire women, encourage women, help women to gain confidence, boost women’s sense of self-worth, help women and their families, motivate women towards reaching their goals, connect women with high quality resources, direct women towards healthy lifestyle habits, raise awareness move women towards optimal wellness. Our passion extends to women of all walks of life: mothers, daughters, sisters, single-mothers, wives, widows, seniors, newcomers, career women, unemployed women, students, women with limited mobility, any race, age, or sexuality. At RWRJ, we are excited about uplifting and supporting all Canadian women.