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There is currently a waitlist to join Artistic Healing trauma support group. For details and to join the wait list for 2019 programming, please contact us.

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I appreciate the space and time to express myself and walk away with something tangible to help me in my journey.

Ellen, a professional educator, mother, and wife

Artistic Healing: Art-Based Trauma Support Group for Women Toronto, ON. 

Real Woman Real Journey (RWRJ) offers support groups for adult women (age 18 and over) in the Greater Toronto Area. We welcome new members to join our group and invite you to learn more about how we can assist you with healing from trauma.

About Artistic Healing Group

The Artistic Healing Group is an art-based support group for women survivors of trauma in any form. The aim of this program is to provide a safe space for women to access peer support and connect with other women who understand the pain that comes from difficult life experiences. Whether you are working towards healing from abuse, neglect, violence, being a victim of a crime, or any other form of trauma, we welcome you to our group.

Program Aim

RWRJ’s Artistic Healing Group aims to provide the following:

A network of support for women survivors of trauma

Introduction to the use of arts and creativity as tools for healing and self-expression

Psycho-educational information for a better understanding of trauma recovery

An environment that encourages self-compassion and restores lost hope

Introduction to healthy coping strategies for dealing with flashbacks, emotional numbing, anxiety, difficult  memories, depression, overwhelming emotions, isolation, self harm, and social triggers

Artistic Healing Group Locations
Fresh Paint Studio Art gallery, studio and café located on The Danforth
1849 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON.
Artscape Youngplace Community and Cultural Hub located in Toronto’s Queen West Village
180 Shaw St. Toronto, ON. 

Mississauga (Square One Area) Business Centre

Private Meeting Room

 77 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, ON

Program Description

Each session touches on one of the following key elements of trauma recovery:  establishing safety and stabilization, coming to terms with traumatic memories, and integration or ‘moving beyond’ past trauma. Each session is designed to benefit group members at any stage of trauma recovery.

During each session, your Program Facilitators will introduce artistic exercises, psycho educational information, and support you through discussions about recovering from traumatic experiences.

We use paint, drawing, collages, and much more as tools of self-expression and self-discovery.

Diverse artistic exercises are designed to allow emotions, thoughts, pain, and troubles to pour out onto the canvas followed by discussions of your art piece.  You are never forced to share more than you are comfortable with. Some members feel empowered and connected to others by verbalising their art, while others benefit from the art activity itself and choose not to discuss their art piece.

A safe space to share and release unspoken words, thank you Shatyra!

Janet, a professional business owner, and mother of two