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Adrienne Durst

Psychotherapist, Marriage and Family Therapist

Westmount, Quebec

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Emmanuella Michel,

Therapist, People Map Consultant

Pierrefonds, Quebec

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Mady Mooney Psychotherapist, Art Therapist

Edmonton, Alberta

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Annette Poizner

Registered Social Worker

Toronto, Ontario

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Dr. Wendy Dubois

Family and Marital Therapist , Therapist , Life Coach , Program Facilitator

Vancouver, British Columbia

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Christine Dela Cruz

Registered Social Worker , Therapist

Selkirk, Manitoba

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Nira Lall

Life Coach

Brampton, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario

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Artistic, Creative, and Narrative Therapies

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapies are an excellent alternative to traditional therapeutic approaches for any woman who is seeking a creative and unique way to express her anxieties. Art therapy is a type of therapeutic approach that allows an individual to use various art forms to express themselves, discover themselves, and creatively strategize a path to wellness. There are various forms of art therapy, however the general theme among all forms is an emphasis on creativity as a key tool for healing.

The creative element of producing artwork can help to improve your mood by allowing

you to release the stress hormones that can build up inside of you when emotions and feelings are not expressed. You may not recognize the major impact of bottling up your emotions, however your mind and body are highly impacted by chronic stress. Art is one method coping with daily stress. It is a healthy form of expression.


Art therapy can be an excellent method of using creative approaches to problem solving. An art therapist may be able to present you with unique and creative perspectives on understanding your circumstances. This can help you gain insight and direction for bettering your life circumstances.

Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is a counselling approach which encourages storytelling as a method of understanding problems, gaining clarity, and taking back control over your life.

Storytelling can be done verbally, through dramatic expression, in writing, or in a variety of other creative ways. A Narrative Therapist views the individual as the expert of her life and will actively support you in voicing your perspectives, understandings, and personal experiences.

If you are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic Stress, or a history of abuse, neglect, or trauma, Narrative Therapy is an excellent option for helping you to overcome the pain.

A Narrative Therapist will provide you with a safe space to express yourself and discuss the difficulties of your past or present. A Narrative Therapist will help you to deconstruct any labels you have applied to yourself, and reduce any negative self-talk that has been causing you distress.

Art as a Self-Help Tool

Art is an excellent tool for helping yourself to work through difficult emotions. You may have already been using art to cope with a problem without even knowing it. Some examples of using art for self-help include: Writing poetry, Spoken Word, and Expressive Drawing.

A counsellor can help you to build on these existing skills and assist you with taking your artistic expression a step further. Pairing your artistic abilities with the support of a professional will result in deeper healing and increased creativity.

Types of Art Therapy

Many professionals such as psychologists, counsellors, social workers, and therapists include art in their therapeutic approach. You may have a counsellor who normally offers talk-therapy however they may introduce an artistic exercise or activity if suitable for the client's needs or interests.

There are also professionals who specialize in art therapy and practice art therapy as their main therapeutic approach.

Visual art therapy - involves the creation, interpretation, and discussion of paintings, drawings, sculptures and more.


Music therapy- involves writing and listening to healing music with a therapeutic music counsellor.


Culinary art therapy- involves creating a healthy relationship with food and to practice and prepare meals in a calming and therapeutic way.

Is Art Therapy for Me?

If you are facing a challenging situation and are uncomfortable verbalizing some of your feelings, art therapy provides a way for you to release these pent-up emotions and express your feelings in a non-threatening way.

Art therapy is also an excellent option for anyone who is naturally artistic. If you enjoy dancing, singing, collages, design or any other artistic hobby, you may want to consider this form of therapy.