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 Canadian Women's Wellness Network              Réseau Canadien du Bien-Etre des Femmes

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77 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, ON

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Real Woman Real Journey (RWRJ)
Canadian Women Wellness Network

Réseau Canadien du Bien-Etre des Femmes

Founded in 2014 as an online resource for women and families, Real Woman Real Journey has since expanded to include group programming, network partnerships, and woman-centered events. For us, it's all about facts, experience, and passion. We utilize creative strategies to raise awareness about the facts surrounding social and emotional issues impacting Canadian women. Our network of professionals is committed to female empowerment and develops women-and-family centered resources, programs, and events in response to the clear social need. We are passionate about helping women take steps towards optimal wellness and dedicated to working towards social justice. 

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