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 Canadian Women's Wellness Network              Réseau Canadien du Bien-Etre des Femmes

RWRJ Counsellor Listing

Real Woman Real Journey is an online resource dedicated to connecting women with diverse resources and information to inspire women’s wellness. We believe the one-on-one support of a counsellor is one of the most important methods of helping women to overcome life barriers. RWRJ Counsellors Listing is our way of connecting women and families with much needed personalized support. As a member of our listing, your profile and business information will be made accessible to millions of women seeking support online. Joining our listing is more than adding your name to a simple directory, it is becoming part of a carefully selected  network of female professionals who we highly recommend on our national counsellor referral list. 

Exclusive Network

Counsellors of our listing are handpicked based on areas of expertise, professional qualifications, experience supporting women and families, as well as geographical location. Our invitation system allows our listing to remain focused on specific areas of counselling expertise which are highly sought out by Canadian women. The listing is composed of Psychologists, Registered Social Workers, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, Therapists, and Program Facilitators who are committed to supporting women and families in a variety of areas. We welcome you to join our professional network and look forward to providing you with specialized advertising services to help you connect with women and families seeking your type of expertise.

Counselling Specialties

Counsellors of our listing have experience supporting women and families in a variety of areas. If you have experience in any of the following areas, you will be an excellent addition to our listing.

Family and Marital counselling

Pregnancy/ Infertility/Miscarriage support

Parenting counselling

Anxiety/Depression counselling

Life Transitions/Career counselling

Trauma/Sexual Abuse counselling

Domestic Abuse counselling

Eating Disorder help

Self-Esteem support  

Sexuality counselling

Addiction counselling

Art Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Post Partum Depression counselling

Child and Youth therapy

Attract New Clients

Real Woman Real Journey is a multi-dimensional website attracting visitors with a variety of wellness-related interests. We provide self-help tools, women’s self-development programs, women-centered E-Books and a member’s area ( discussion forum). Joining our listing allows you to become recognized by Canadian women seeking a compassionate counsellor like you. By listing on our website, you will have the opportunity to create a unique profile where your credentials, experience, areas of expertise, and link to your personal website will be displayed.  You will also have the privilege of advertising your community events, workshops, groups, or programs on our website Events Calendar. Another excellent way to get noticed on the RWRJ site is to post informative articles or research on the site’s Articles page with a link to your website.

Why Gender Matters

Real Woman Real Journey is committed to empowering women towards wellness by providing gender-responsive support. We recognize the unique barriers that only women face and we aim to help women to feel heard, understood, and supported throughout every life transition of womanhood. Gender specific support is a proven method of helping women to overcome barriers. The facts speak for themselves when it comes to women's wellness and we know that women are more vulnerable than men to many types of mental health issues and social inequalities.

The Counsellors of our listing are female professionals who can relate to many of the unavoidable struggles of womanhood and are dedicated to supporting women and families through these journeys.  We seek to connect women with counsellors who have experience working with women’s issues and understand the emotions that accompany the life transitions of womanhood.

Did you know that...

Women are twice as likely as men to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder during their lifetimes.

Postpartum depression effects one in seven mothers. Police-reported data show just over 173,600 women aged 15 and older were the victims of violent crime in 2011, a rate of 1,207 victims for every 100,000 women in the Canadian population. Nearly two-thirds of diagnosed mood disorders were reported by women ( Mood disorders  include depression, bipolar disorder, mania or dysthymia). Read more about these alarming facts here